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Book Reviews: Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour

Book revie\w: Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour Food that looks beautiful, tastes better. It’s that old adage about eating with our eyes, and it’s also a matter of basic marketing – we are very easily influenced by style. Of course, style has to exist alongside substance or we’re just as easily re-educated in our opinions, and thankfully the decadent Persiana delivers on both.

This was a book I had wanted for months and months. Every time I passed a book store it was calling to me – believe it or not, the cover is even more gorgeous in real life, managing to be both glittery and textural. It’s a coffee table cookbook you feel guilty about getting food on!

Having been gifted Persiana by my very observant hubby (it turns out standing outside book shops drooling and pawing the window does have an impact) I dived in with two dishes, and experienced a complete and utter pesto revelation.

I’m not even going to bother reviewing the recipes – suffice to say they were clear and simple (albeit some of the ingredients still a little obscure) and the results delicious. You have to get used to the thoroughly un-British combinations and perfumed flavours , but you know from the beginning they’re brilliant – and after one dish, you’re convinced.

For me, however, it was about the pesto. Normally so Italian, the dish I made called for pistachios, dill and more to create a crunchy, salty sauce that, whilst definitely still pesto, was quite simply out of this world. I ate nearly a whole bowlful, in combination with bold bits of crumbed feta and sweet, juicy butternut squash. I wholeheartedly insist that you go out, buy the book and try it now!!

Abugergine with saffron yoghurt and butternut squash with persian pesto and feta

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