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The Pets

Jensen The CatIzzy The Cat Veloci & Raptor The Chickens

Life in the Chooks & Cooks household is largely dominated by furred or feathered beasties. Let me introduce you!

Jensen – The Alpha Cat

Jensen was our first cat. He’s the alpha at home – regal, loving, and then incomprehensibly violent. He enjoys nothing more than chasing Izzy around the house, reclining somewhere quiet and calming, and tracking fresh mud onto our white bedding. Whilst he’s king pin at home, he’d second fiddle in the neighbourhood to a large black cat who makes his life hell. Jensen is completely a mummy’s boy, meaning I have to go hiss at the black cat when Jensen gets too scared.

Izzy – The Attention Seeker

Squeaky, attention grabbing Izzy is our younger cat, and one of the most cuddle-loving cats I’ve ever known. I am no longer allowed to go to the toilet alone (too many stroking opportunities) and no lap is ever safe. She squeaks and meows in the most ridiculous ways. When not on someone’s lap (and when it’s not too wet outside) she switches into brutal killer mode and is responsible for decimating the local mouse and blackbird populations.

Veloci & Raptor – The Chooks

Our hens, Veloic and Raptor, are seriously full of personality. Raptor, the black and white chicken, likes to pretend she’s haughty, but goes mad for a handful of mealworms – so mad that she’ll actually haul her substantial behind of the ground and attempt to fly up to your hand. Veloci, meanwhile is far more confident, enjoying strokes and running around your feet like a mad thing. She’s also the resident Houdini, escaping despite having her wings clipped and adventuring through the neighbours garden, something he won’t be happy about once next year’s veg crops are sprouting. Thankfully, she comes when called, including trying to get inside the house. Little madam.